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There must be a tuition agreement on file for all students. It is the requirement of all parents and/or legal guardians to complete this agreement prior to enrollment of their child in any program prior to the start of each school year.  Tuition is paid through our TADS portal by check or credit card.

Tuition includes the following: Instruction in English/Japanese/Chinese and Spanish languages taught by native instructors, exposure to culture and mores indigenous to a sample of people from various countries, educational materials, use of equipment such as manipulatives, tactile and sensory stimuli, mixed media, use of computers, and use of instruments. Tuition does not include fees for special events or field trips, before or after care and extracurricular activities such as private piano, martial arts, dance, or sports classes.

Upon acceptance, a $1500 enrollment fee and 10% deposit is due at signing. The one time enrollment fee of $1500 covers registration, materials, and new student enrollment. The annual tuition for either division (Academy or Upper School) is $12,150. Summer camp comprises 6 weeks of skills-based learning at a rate of $325 per week. Once per year (at enrollment) a materials fee of $400 is applied to each child’s tuition statement. This fee covers the cost of school supplies, art supplies, furniture, technology, technology maintenance, and other expenses associated with preparation for new programs and a continuation of others.

All tuition payments once made are nonrefundable unless written withdrawal is received by the following dates: 100% refundable if written withdrawal is received by May 1; 50% refundable if written withdrawal is received by June 1; 25% refundable if written withdrawal is received by August 1; No re-enrollment agreement cancellations or refunds will be made after August. The obligation for payment of full tuition is binding and unconditional regardless of attendance.

Pay schedules vary between 1, 4, 6, and 8 installments through our TADS portal. There is a fee associated with installment plans.