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Application Process

OMNI’s application process is very simple. Our online portal is available 24/7 to receive applications and all supporting documentation. Click on any of the “Apply Now” buttons to be directed to our online web portal. Once an application and appropriate application fee has been submitted, a testing session and interview will be scheduled. This interview process allows us to have an exchange with the applicant and gather pertinent information regarding the applicant’s social skills, program of interest, and to further determine if our school matches the short and long term goals of the family and vice versa. Testing is mandatory for each prospective student. Testing serves a two-fold purpose. It offers insight into the applicant’s knowledge base AND gives us information needed to place the prospective student on appropriate grade level.

Applications must be on file before interviews and testing can be scheduled. All requests i.e. teacher evaluation forms, previous testing, diagnostics, etc. should be submitted to the applicant’s current school in a timely manner to ensure receipt by the deadline. Important documents can be uploaded on TADS or emailed to