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OMNI prides itself in prioritizing the health and safety of all students and teachers. We have been working toward a safe and responsible return to campus since the coronavirus pandemic impacted our school last spring. We have remained vigilant in keeping abreast of local mandates, spikes in numbers, community viral loads, and hospitalizations. We have weighed how these measures impact us and as such have decided to remain virtual until the Summer of 2021. We know that on campus learning is ideal and plays a critical roles in a child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development, but have prioritized student’s emotional and physical health during this pandemic. Second to the health and safety of our learners, students’ education is paramount. From the beginning of this process, we were forward thinking in transitioning to a virtual platform to maintain student learning continuity.  Being that the health and safety of our community is critical to a return to on campus learning, all decisions regarding on-campus activity have been and will be made from that perspective. Accordingly, this plan is subject to change at any time as conditions dictate. To see OMNI’s return to campus plan in print, please click here.